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Do you know how to grow grapes?

  • prepare your soil before you plant a grape vine?
  • fertilize and irrigate your grape vine?
  • train your newly planted grape vine?
  • prune your grape vine?
  • prepare your grape vine for optimum grape production?
  • decide when your grapes are ready for harvest?
  • what to do after you have enjoyed the fruit of your labor?

No problem!

 I own an export grape farm in South Africa, and with more than a decade of grape growing experience, I am sure I can help you grow your very own grape vine.

No matter where you are or what you are going to use your grape vine for, the most important thing to remember is:

Your grape vine needs to be a well trained, well pruned and disease free plant!

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How many ways do you, the "home grape grower" know how to "SUPER CHARGE" your grape vine?

To be perfectly honest, I think there's ONLY ONE available on the Internet and you've just stumbled on it!

Take a look at this picture ...

growing grapes

These grape vines produce 7 000 + cartons of grapes per hectare EACH AND EVERY YEAR!
That is more that 32 000 kilograms 
(70 547 pounds) of export quality grapes per hectare each year!

You reckon I'd know something about growing grapes?

See, most home grape growers spend all their time conjecturing some secret grape growing, thumb sucking theory, but when it's time to get down to 'showing' the grapes, well guess what?  

They do not deliver!

Do You Know Of Any Grape Grower That Knows 
How To Grow Grape Vines, That Produce 42 Pounds Of Grapes On A Single Grape Vine?

Why wait to to learn the art of
growing grapes?

It's time for YOU to show your neighbors
and friends that you've learned the art of growing grapes
and that you CAN be a successful grape grower!
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